Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Cartoons 2016

This Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. I received my first valentine of the year from Medicaid Long Term Care, bolstering my theory that they view me as a lonely disabled lady waiting for romantic validation from her insurance company…. Oh well. At least I can say I’m in a “long term relationship”!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!
Image descriptions correspond with the image located above them.
Image is a stick figure in a wheelchair lying on its face. A thought bubble reads: “Love hurts.” Caption above reads, “This Valentine’s Day, I wish I had the range of motion to be head over heels for you.”

 Image shows a winged stick figure of Cupid in a wheelchair, with a heart on the wheel. One arrow is heading for a tree; the other is drifting downward. A thought bubble reads: “Welp. Someone will be falling in love with a tree today. Sorry, folks.”

Caption above reads, “Cupid with CP blamed his poor motor skills for a series of Valentine’s Day mishaps.”

Image shows a heart bearing the message “U R THE APPLE OF MY SSI.” Nearby a stick figure in a wheelchair has a thought bubble, reading, “Aw, you shouldn’t have!” Caption above reads, “The valentine from Social Security was full of genuine love and care.”

 Image shows a card with a Valentine’s message. It reads, “Roses are red, violets are blue.” Writing changes from cursive to print letters and the next lines read, “Let’s get to the point. Have you fallen this month?” Final line changes back to cursive and says, “Love, your ‘friends’ at Medicaid.” A stick figure in a wheelchair has a thought bubble that reads, “I knew they didn’t care about my Valentine’s Day plans!” Caption above reads, “The festive Valentine’s Day card did little to disguise Medicaid’s true motives.”

Image shows a bubble containing the words “SSI Resource Limit= $2000.” Beside it is a heart containing the words “Our love= infinity.” Caption above reads, “Hey Valentine. My love for you is over the resource limit.”

Image shows a stick figure in a wheelchair holding a Medicaid card. Nearby is another stick figure in a wheelchair with a bow on its head, also holding a Medicaid card. Between them, a bubble contains the phrase “BFFs.” A thought bubble above the head of the figure with the bow reads, “I told my mom that ‘friends with benefits’ was a purely platonic term!” Caption above reads, “Despite the gossip suggesting otherwise, they were ‘just friends’ after all.”

*Author’s Note: For those who don’t know, SSI is Supplemental Security Income, a monthly benefit check for qualifying people with disabilities.

UPDATE: Another valentine was discovered in my mailbox!

Image shows a valentine bearing the following message: “Hey Valentine! I hear you’re cheating on me with a part time job. If you really loved me, you’d listen when I say that disabled people are not employable. End your little fling, or we are so over. Love, Medicaid” Beside the message is a heart containing the words “Be Mine (and only mine)”. Below the note is a disheartened wheelchair using stick figure shouting, “We can work this out! I swear!” The caption above says, “Once the truth about the affair surfaced, things were really on the rocks.”


  1. This is my favorite thing ever, comparable only to your other holiday-themed comics.

  2. Thank you Emily. I wish I could say the valentine from Medicaid LTC was a joke, but it isn't. They sent a creepily romantic looking card with a picture of chocolates and flowers on the cover. How do I tell them I don't think we'll work as a couple?

    1. "Dear Medicaid, I'm sorry if I ever gave you the impression that I was interested in anything long-term, but my heart belongs with my job. You are in no position to dictate the terms of our relationship. Again, sorry to drop all of this on you at once, and I hope we can still be friends." Eat the chocolate before the IRS finds it.

  3. Can't disguise my laughing, as I sit here, cheating on Social Security in my part-time job.

  4. OMG, couldn't stop giggling.

  5. These are hilarious. Too bad they are soo true.

  6. I laughed so hard that I peed in my cather. I do hope you are joking about those cards. If not my next question is where is my cards SSI! LOL! I truly do enjoy the post and I will be returning to read more.